Knitting by BrosbølHenriksen is a collaboration between us sisters, Rikke Krolak-Henriksen and Siiri Nathalie Brosbøl.

Throughout our lives we have been interested in the creative universe and we have both knitted for many years. We have also both learned how to knit by watching endless amounts of videos on Youtube or from pictures that we have then interpret in our own way.


This have created a lot of fun and unique designs, some good and some not!

Our designs are often brought to life by Rikke who knits freely and without patterns. Siiri then takes over and is the one that writes all our patterns. 

With Knitting by Brosbøl Henriksen, we want to enable everyone who want's to start creating their own versions of our unique designs.


Our designs are a reflection of our love for the simple design with that extra small detail that just makes the design unique. 

Welcome and we hope we can inspire you to get started with knitting! 

If you have any questions or comments you are always welcome to write to brosboel.henriksen@gmail.com or via our contact form. If you have a specific knitting-related question regarding a pattern please expect a few days' response time.

The patterns are for private use only and may not be used commercially. The patterns may not be copied, resold or redistributed. Systematic sale of products made after the recipe must not take place.

"I really like to "geek out" with the patterns and make them into small stories"

It's the little things that matter

"I love colors and adding that special something to a design"

It's all in the detail